Life can be wonderfully imperfect

Your issues are our reality


Sometimes things in life simply go differently than planned.
A crisis presents us with special challenges. Culpable or not, it indicates a turning point in our lives. However, the first step is often incredibly difficult. MORE


When love hurts, it's not just the heart that suffers.
What once started romantic and rosy ends in a nightmare for many. Hurt feelings, shattered dreams and a big emotional pile of broken pieces remain in many partnerships. Getting up and moving on with a view to the future is then easier said than done. MORE

Body & Soul

When our soul suffers, we feel bad and get sick.
Our body gives us clear signals, but in our fast-paced everyday life we unfortunately overhear these signals far too often. It is easier to distract ourselves or to hide the signs of the psyche or the body. So that it is not noticed and we can continue to function.MORE

First voices

For You

Disasters, problems and life crises usually come without warning. What you then need most is a personal support team. And that’s exactly what you get here with us. Because when reality bites, it hurts. At reality bites, everything revolves around your questions, topics and problems in the areas of REALITY, LOVE, BODY & SOUL.

What can you expect from reality bites?

Set up your own account with individualized interests and a variety of networking options, as well as precise search and matching functions, posting options, chat function, and much more.

Exchange and networking with like-minded people via chat or in open, closed and/or private groups on your most important and burning topics, questions and problems.

Selection of professional experts and specialists in various fields, direct contact via chat, booking of online sessions and consultations.

Seminars, events, informative content and posts as well as other offers on your relevant topics, questions and problem areas.

Whether via chat, posting, video or within a group – the use of the platform and the hosting of the data are carried out according to the highest security standards. Made in Germany.

For experts

Our team of experts consists of consultants, coaches, therapists and other legal and medical experts. So that we can help as many people affected as possible and our network of experts can grow steadily, we are of course happy to welcome all specialists who would like to use reality bites as their platform.

Your advantages as an expert:

Set up a professional expert account. Presentation of your own references, your personal range of services, and a search and matching function for customers and interested parties. Versatile networking and reach generation options.

Fully comprehensive home office solution. Holistic use of the platform for online consulting activities in the form of highly professional video conferences as well as placement and implementation of various online tools for events, webinars, tutorials and much more.

Own online store incl. secured payment function for the sale and marketing of services and / or products. Possibility of placing ad-hoc offers. Support for the mediation of logistics solutions.

Possibility of publishing specialized articles and editorial contributions that are useful for the contents and problems within the community as well as for the own field of activity.

Contact building and network generation of interesting business contacts. Possibility of cross-performance project work, new team building and professional exchange.

No hidden costs, but a clear, concise fee system including a free trial period and high usage and revenue potential.

Safe exchange

Your security is our highest goal
In addition to confidentiality, it is especially important to us that you feel well taken care of, understood and safe on the platform. In addition to the exchange between users and experts, this includes data security as well as a professional and protected environment.MEHR

Hosted in Germany
in a data center
with ISO 27001 certification